Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Cobb - Lyme Regis

There was an almost deafening whistling sound as the south-westerly wind howled through the masts of the moored boats to my right. The waves crashed with a loud bass note as they made contact with the old harbour wall, followed by the glistening sound of the sea spray as it attempted to demolish any camera equipment that got in its way.

After a few long exposures looking east towards the Dorset border, I gave up hope of there being any other colour than the cool blue light of dusk, as the sun began to dip below the horizon. I turned around and decided to take a shot of The Cobb towards the un-impressive sunset in the distance. In a matter of seconds the sky turned from cool blue to a fire- like red and illuminated the entire landscape like a red flare on the battlefield. The walkers around me just stopped and stared in awe at what they were seeing, so blown away in fact they decided to gaze gormlessly up at the sky directly in front of my camera. I did not intend to miss this moment as I probably would have given up photography then and there and I guided the gormless old couple behind my camera and began taking the shot.

I had to change lenses and filters twice as the sea spray covered my first lens, I wasn't going to miss this shot!
After taking the shot, the preview screen from my camera illuminated the people's faces who huddled behind my tripod and all we could say was....Wow!

P.S There has been no computer manipulation in this shot.... I promise!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

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Sunday, 17 October 2010


There are wild ponies in Dartmoor, however this was not one of them.

I commando crawled up to this pony as if stalking a deer, but instead of the crosshairs fixed onto its heart, my focus-point was tracked in between its eyes like a hunter poised for the perfect time to attack. However, unlike a hunter I looked for the striking shadows and best directional light to show off the subject. On this occasion the hunter became the hunted.

He ate his way closer and closer until my vision became dominated by a set of nasal passages. In my attempt to be get the shot I kept my finger on the shutter. Unknown to me this particular vegetarian also dabbles as a carnivore, I know this because he sunk his teeth into the back of my arm. It hurt like hell, and I ran away before the rest of his mates chose the same lifestyle choice.
When I got into the safety of the car, against which the other ponies were rubbing their various body parts, I checked my camera and got the dramatic scene I had hoped for and only a complete set of dental impressions on the back of my arm for my troubles.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sunday, 3 October 2010


"After hitting a small child and her mother with my tripod, I came to conclusion that London isn't made for a photographer".

The Tube/Underground/Subway

The empty train stopped at Oxford Circus. There, every working man and woman in London clambered onto the train shoving as many people as possible. Within the waves of pushes, I managed to turn around and inadvertently hit both the mother and her once beautiful daughter in the face with the head of my tripod. I felt terrible at first and apologised profusely, but was shortly comforted by the extended space I gained as fellow Tube go-ers backed away not wanting their eyes to be impaled by a Manfrotto Swivel Head Tripod.

After an uncomfortable few stops for both the inflicted and myself I headed towards Embankment to shoot The Houses of Parliament. You may think this as a straight forward shot, but the "Tripod Police" arrive as soon as your tripod is mounted up, telling you to kindly bugger off, as they claim it can be used as a weapon of some sort? In the past I have ridiculed them at such an idea but after today's Tube incident I thought it was fairly close to the mark.

So...I set-up under a bridge out of the way of the tripod police and positioned myself so the entrance of the tunnel would frame The Houses of Parliament in the background. After some waiting for a clean picture without a gormless tourist in the photograph, I decided to use them to my advantage. I waited until some cyclists came into my picture and used a 1/2 second shutter speed to give the photograph some movement.

St. Pauls and the Millennium bridge

It had rained all day. One speck of rain on the lens can ruin an entire photograph. I set up on the "beach" of the Thames and with a little help from my friend James Hodgson and a rusty, diseased ridden umbrella found in the "surf" we managed to get a rain-free image.

Two more images of the day

Friday, 1 October 2010

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